Patti Harburger

What can I say about Patti Harburger?  Well, besides the fact that my kids fell in love with her on our trip to China and that she is a wonderful photographer (which you will soon see), she works as an educator at the Children’s House of Washington in our nation’s capital.  Link here:

Her majors were art related in college and when I received the photographs she took on our trip to China, I admit I was jealous.  They were the photos I always wanted to take.  The ones that I am now scrapbooking….some of my own relegated to the pile I’ll never get to.

I will narrate the photos the best I can…….. 

Grandmother dancing at Temple of Heaven Park
The first time we encountered THIS was at the park at the Temple of Heaven.  It was hotter and more humid than can be imagined.  I’m not sure what day it was.  We heard music playing.  Was that disco we heard?  Really?  Disco?  In China?  We came around the corner of the park and there was a tremendous crowd of people dancing to disco music.  Many of them were older people, like the woman in this photo, dancing with her granddaughter.  Some were line dancing, some were doing their own singular thing.  We found as we traveled through China that this community dancing was a common occurrence.  It is a way for people in towns to meet in the evenings, provides consistent exercise and some groups even compete with each other in dance competitions.  Patti captures not only the beauty of this grandma and baby, but the motion of the dancers in the background.
The second day we were in China, we went to the Forbidden City where Patti captured some beautiful images.  See below……. 

Canal in Fobidden City




Post with bird


Warming stove in the Forbidden City




On the second or third day in Beijing, we went to the Hutong neighborhood.  These are some of the oldest neighborhoods in Beijing.  The next photos from Patti illustrate her knack for capturing the everyday very subtlely and beautifully.  Take a look……..

Small shop -- Hutong Neighborhood


Parked bike -- Hutong Neighborhood


Pedicart for different use -- Hutong Neighborhood


Not sure what is for sale here -- Hutong Market


Brooms for sale at the Hutong Market


Spices at Hutong Market


Man who drove pedicart -- Pedicartist?


Paint cups at Master Artist Studio in Farming Community in Xi'an

 I will build upon this gallery as time goes by and my heartfelt appreciation goes to the artist/photographer, Patti Harburger, for allowing me to post her beautiful work on my blog site.
— Stephanie

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