Màu gì là mái tóc của mình?

Reflections #2:

I don’t the words for brown, orange, pink or gray. I don’t know how to say hair or eyes. I don’t know  the words for short or tall. And I don’t know what I didn’t know on the first screen of my first Rosetta Studio session!  But the instructor was gentle and nice and PATIENT.

And I made her laugh when I said “the woman is drinking coffee” even though that wasn’t what she was asking!

All in all I would say it was a good first session. But the whole thing is done in Vietnamese. The instructor WILL NOT speak with you in English. So.

But I was able to answer a few questions. The yes or no ones!!!! OK, it wasn’t that bad. But you have to be ready to sit in silence for a few seconds while the other students wait for you to scratch your head and think to yourself “I have NO IDEA what she just asked me”. But then the next screen comes and you kind of figure out that she is asking what color is this and you kind of know some colors, so you start guessing. The teacher starts giving you hints and then eventually you blurt one out and she puts her thumb up to indicate that you got it!!!

I am going to learn how to say “I haven’t learned that word yet” and “I don’t understand” and “What is…?” and “Could you show the words on the screen?” for my next session.

Despite my feeling rather inadequate during this live session after spending hours studying the first two units and scoring in the upper 90’s in nearly every unit, I feel that Rosetta Studio is one of the best things about Rosetta Stone. When you buy one of their language software levels you get three free months of online access. With that you get access to Rosetta World where you can play games with other people learning the same language, read stories in the language you’re learning and take classes in Rosetta Studio which is what I did for the first time this evening.

This is in addition to the software learning.

The software itself offers lesson after lesson of reading, speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation. It has reviews and recaps and extras and on and on. I thought the package was pricey but I can now see that I am definitely getting my money’s worth.

The first unit took me about 10 hours to get through and was basic vocabulary and some basic grammar without giving you grammar rules.

I am in the second unit now and we are into family and friend relationships, rooms of the house, countries, differences, setting the table and more.

But getting to talk to someone during Rosetta Studio and hearing them laugh when you say “The woman is drinking coffee,” when that’s all you have to give and your instructor must know that and laughs at your sort of hopeless joke.  BUT!  You were able to say THAT AND she understood you!!  A live native speaker understood you speaking her language.  And later you accidentally tell her you’re tall….I will have to correct that perception at a later session!

Tôi đang ngắn!  I am short, Madame Instructor.

And then there are the tonalities……….

The thing that has me most impressed is how Rosetta Stone is teaching me the differences in the tonalities. Rosetta Stone will drill you on words and sounds that are very much alike and then it will play just one and have you choose which one it just played.

So I am one step closer to speaking with my daughter’s birthfamily.

More on how we met them in a later post.

Màu tóc của tôi là ánh sáng màu nâu.


3 responses to “Màu gì là mái tóc của mình?

  1. This really is much improved and I am VERY impressed with all you have learned. What a superb person you are!! Yay, Stephanie!!

  2. It really is amazing what you are learning. I’m very impressed Steph. I’m glad you are sharing this. It’s wonderful and what a great Mom you are.

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