First day of school Autumn 2010

This morning and last evening was filled with great anticipation as both of my girls got ready to bridge into a new phase of their school lives. Sheridan, an adoptee from China, started high school today and McKenna, who is from Vietnam, adopted when she was an infant, started Junior High.

Every parent says this, but it is particularly poignant for parents who suffer through infertility and who then experience the joy of holding their adoptive baby boy or girl in their arms for the first time in a foreign country, to see them hit the important milestones. And here mine are in High School and Junior High. I could barely imagine getting to have them, much less seeing them almost driving! Oh yeah….that. Sheridan reminds rather frequently now that it is x many months until she has her “temps”.

And it is a day when I will be writing to share this excitement I feel with another set of parents anxiously waiting to hear how the first day of school went for McKenna. We have been in e-mail contact with her birth parents for a few weeks now, having met them in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam when we took our trip in July.

Our e-mails back and forth are brief and difficult to understand but wonderfully welcome just the same. They speak no English and I speak no Vietnamese. And thank God for even the most rudimentary of translation programs as I have used two different ones now to communicate how happy I am to hear from them and to tell McKenna’s birthmother and birthfather that they have the right e-mail address for us and that she has the photo they gave her of her brother and sister in a frame on her dresser.

I encouraged them to write me in Vietnamese rather than attempting English which they did in their last e-mail to me. I was so excited to see in my Inbox that I immediately sent the text to Google translator which did some weird things to it. Luckily, there is a man from Vietnam where I work who I was able to convince to come look at the e-mail. He was able to confirm what the translation program had provided which was “I hope you are having a nice day!”. And “We received the pictures you sent.”. That’s where Google translator became worthless and where my work friend was such a big help. The rest of the e-mail said something like, “I miss Phuong Thao [McKenna]. She must be getting ready to go back to school and see her friends.”

Google translator gave me something like “financial times February three…..”……total nonsense. Thank you, Tuan for being there to translate.

So we took pictures this morning of both girls to commemorate the milestone.


Of course…..

They will go in……

A scrapbook.


3 responses to “First day of school Autumn 2010

  1. Very good things here.

  2. You are so lucky to have a friend at work from Vietnam who can translate for you. That’s great. When we worked with the County in Minnesota, we worked with a fellow who was a Vietnam Vet. He had to go back to help heal himself and has made yearly trips. Tim loves Vietnam. You are very bright Stephanie and are doing an amazing job learning a difficult language.

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